The World Before The Flood Of Noah

Many have asked us what the world was like, before the days of Noah, and the worldwide flood.   The Bible gives us most of the answers to that question.   Before we begin, it will be helpful to gain an understanding with regard to who God is, and an understanding of His limitless power.   You can gain some of this understanding by reading this page:

Who is God?

Virtually all Bible versions start with a statement that God created the heavens and the earth.   If you are willing to believe that statement, an understanding of the nature of the ancient world is easy.   If you insist on filtering the statements in the Bible through what is today called "science" you invite confusion.

If you read the historical record in Genesis, you immediately read a description of our world that is quite different from the earth that we know today:

1.   We find that the earth's atmosphere was very different from what we see today.   There was a layer of water above the habitable part of the earth that was separate from the water in what we know as the oceans.   We can assume that this layer was made up of mostly water vapor.   The water layer above, would have shielded the habitable part of the earth, from much of the solar radiation, and allowed the heat to be distributed over the earth more uniformly.   That would explain all the temperate life forms, which have been found in the Arctic and the Antarctic.   When this uniform climate was changed after the flood of Noah, many species would have found it impossible to survive, and would have died out.

2.   When the earth was first created, there was one land area, rather than a number of continents.   It should be noted that modern science also talks about a time when all the land was connected.   They call this super continent, Pangea.   Modern science calls the separation into continents " continental drift ".   In a statement hidden among the genealogies, the Bible says that the earth was " divided " into continents after the flood. ( Genesis 10:25 ).   Many have mistaken this as referring to the happenings at the tower of Babel, but this doesn't fit into the rest of the picture.

3.   The division mentioned in Genesis 10:25 explains the differences in fauna and flora found in areas like Australia and Africa.   The kangaroos didn't have to hop over the ocean to Australia.   All they had to do was continue living on the land where they lived, as the land was divided.   Species of organisms, that didn't adapt to their new areas, simply died out in the new area, or became totally extinct.

4.   Much has been said about the unusual lifetimes of humans, who lived before the flood.   While some of this may relate to the removal of the protective water layer, above the habitable part of the earth, it is more likely that God gradually changed the DNA and RNA of the living species, giving them a shorter life span.   For the God, who created the universe, and created life on the earth, in the first place, this would have been easy.   This change in longevity, is recorded in Genesis 6:3.

5.   The surface of the earth, was evidently much more flat than it is today.   This can be determined from Genesis 7:19-20.   Most of the mountains in existence today were formed by volcanic action.   The existence of pillow lava ( lava hardened under water ) indicates that much of this mountain building occurred during the flood of Noah's day.

By the way, on this website, you can now view actual photos of pieces of Noah's Ark, still in existence, near the eastern summit of Mt. Ararat, in eastern Turkey.   That recognizable pieces of the Ark have survived volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, suggests that they have been miraculously preserved by God, so that in the future, He could reveal the Ark to those whom He counted worthy.   The link to those photos is at the bottom of this page.

You can also view, on this web site, actual photos, taken by divers,- of coral covered chariots, and chariot wheels, left over from the Red Sea Crossing, in the Gulf of Aqaba ( part of the Red Sea ).   Just click on the appropriate link, at the bottom of this page.

God is giving you, today, a choice,- to believe the record that God has provided to you, or to be among the scientists, and other scoffers, who deny the flood. ( 2nd Peter 3:3-7 )   This is the same kind of choice, that He has given to millions of others in the past.   You were born naturally from your mother, where you existed for about 9 months in the water environment of her womb.   You can choose to be BORN AGAIN, in other words, BORN FROM ABOVE, this time by the Spirit of God, so that you will want to obey God and serve Him, and receive a happy and meaningful life.   Or, you can choose to continue letting your desires for thrills, and material things, and comfort, hold you in bondage, thus allowing the Devil to steal from you the happy and meaningful life, that God wants you to have.

You ask, " How can I do this? "   It is easy, if you are willing to let God change you.   Pray, asking God to change you into the kind of person that He wants you to be.   Ask, and keep on asking.   When God sees that you really mean it, He will give you a new spiritual life,- the God kind of life!

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On the pages of this website, you have the opportunity to learn about the God, who created the universe, and what it takes to please Him.   You no longer have an excuse!

Have a wonderful week.   May God bless you, and your family!

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